delivery simplified

Imagine if your deliveries had never been simpler. The new EasyAcc’Air sectional door has been specially developed for heavy goods lorries. You’ll save precious time in urban areas as well as maximising the efficiency of your temperature-controlled transportation.

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Innovative patented operation

Operating mechanism

The invisible opening mechanism does not reduce the internal volume of the vehicle body. In the closed position, EasyAcc’Air only impacts the overall height by 80 mm.


EasyAcc’Air is fitted with a smart motor that includes built-in monitoring and self-diagnostics to minimise maintenance interventions.

Airtight seal

Thanks to a patented system, the seal inflates automatically for full airtightness to hold temperatures.


Cleverly built into the thickness of the wall, it has a robust profile that is designed to last.


The ergonomic controls for opening and closing your EasyAcc’Air door are waterproof and autonomous (no wires or batteries).


EasyAcc’Air has been designed to withstand impacts and UV rays thanks to its fibreglass and polyurethane resin wall. All panel sections are made of polyurethane insulating foam for enhanced insulation.

Exceptional benefits


Enjoy optimal clearance, maximum overall height and bespoke fittings to make loading and unloading easier.


From its insulation and airtight seals which drive down fuel consumption, not to mention the silent motors and mechanism, EasyAcc’Air boasts certified performance.


The external smart motor (featuring maintenance monitoring and alarm) is protected from the cold, impacts and moisture for fewer and more targeted maintenance interventions!


To protect the operator and the goods, there is a safety detector and the sectional door automatically stays in the closed position.


Optimal hygiene is provided thanks to entirely smooth internal surfaces and an external door mechanism that has been designed to stop pollutants from entering the vehicle body.

Thanks to the clever positioning of its mechanism above the refrigerated body, the innovative EasyAcc’Air system offers optimal clearance. You enjoy similar clearance to swing doors, minus the physical effort. Furthermore, the system is fully compatible with all Lecapitaine internal fittings. EasyAcc’Air also features a new total seal system to ensure that the cold chain is always maintained. Additional safety for the carriage of frozen products.

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