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The profession of refrigerated vehicles bodybuilder relies on a powerful quality system that allows to answer to all the regulatory requirements. Lecapitaine is part of a continuous improvement process by committing to high quality standards throughout the manufacturing process, including certifications delivered by French and European approved organizations.


Our management certifications

ISO 9001 certification

Approved ISO 9001, Lecapitaine is committed to the quality of its products and the continuous improvement of its production. With this certification, renewed every 3 years, we are part of a long-term quality process.

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Accredited certification body to issue the certificates of capability to operators handling refrigerants

The purpose of this certificate of capability is to regulate the handling of certain substances that are harmful to the environment and to limit the emission of greenhouse gases. This certification, that is delivered by the CEMAFROID, remain valid for 5 years.

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Hydrotest ensures the tail lifts and other lifting equipment’s control. Certified since 2021, Lecapitaine is committed to respect security requirements imposed by the organization TECNEA INSPECTION.


Our product certifications

Certificate of technical compliance ATP

The certificate of technical compliance ATP ensures that every refrigerated vehicle is capable of maintaining the required temperature for perishable-good transportation. Lecapitaine is habilitated to request certificate of technical compliance ATP for an initial duration of 6 years, renewable twice.

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Certicold Pharma

Certicold Pharma is a quality label delivered by the CEMAFROID. This certification ensures the equipment’s conformity for the pharmaceutical sector. Since 2014, Lecapitaine is habilitated to declare applications for Certicold Pharma certificates. In 2019, in addition to this certification, Lecapitaine has been approved as a Certicold Pharma test centre.

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The Piek label, attributable to products and equipment, allows to contribute to noise reduction generated during night-time deliveries in urban areas. At Lecapitaine, we strive to offer products and equipment with noise levels below 60 dB, adapted to your night-time deliveries and respectful of residents.


Part of the ECLER program (Circular Economy, Logistic, Ecology and Responsible), Lecapitaine act to reduce the energy consumption of refrigerated transportation. This involvement results in the communication of best practices in the use of our vehicles.


Certification of your vehicles

Qualified LCV and HGV coachbuilder

Delivered by the French organisation UTAC, the Qualified LCV and HGV coachbuilder certificate ensures that every vehicle are in conformity with traffic regulation requirements.

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Conformity of Production

Thanks to our Conformity of Production certificate, we are able to carry out European registrations. Your vehicle can be delivered anywhere in Europe, ready to be registered.

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Our technical patents and innovation awards

With the aim of offering even more efficient products, Lecapitaine design and develop innovations adapted to each of your requirements and in line with our environmental initiative.

Innovation at your disposal

From the moment our company was founded, it was in our DNA to research, anticipate and invent for your business. This state of mind, combined with 85 years of experience means that we are well out in front when it comes to meeting the challenges of the future.

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To get a true measure of our expertise, you should enter our production facility at Saint-Lô and take a look at our manufacturing process.

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